The main objective of Polish Therapeutic Society is to integrate the specialists of different educational backgrounds and to examine the possibilities of their cooperation in prophylactic, solving developmental and health problems of patients. It will promote humanistic approaches towards patients and emphasize their humanity. The Society will work against the separatist tendencies of various professional groups as we find those tendencies detrimental for the complex therapy. The Society is focused on providing a form for professionals of various disciplines in order to achieve unified therapies for patients who need it. The Society’s activities are based on social work of its members.

The aims of the Society are:
  • To promote various forms of qualified therapy as well as Polish achievements in this field.
  • To develop innovative therapy based accepted practice.
  • To integrate diverse professionals in order to encourage their cooperation in prophylactic and solving developmental and health problems of patients.
  • To encourage Society’s members in scientific and social work
  • To organize training and certify members.
  • To maintain high ethical and professional level of members of the Society.
  • To establish and maintain relationships with other scientific societies, local and international.
  • To publicize contemporary forms of qualified therapy.
The Society achieves its aims through:
  • Organizing gatherings and scientific conferences.
  • Organizing Scientific Divisions of the Society to promote internal cooperation of professionals within the Division.
  • Organizing various forms of trainings for members of the Society and certifying them.
  • Cooperating with Universities, awarding institutions and other scientific organizations that train qualified therapists.
  • Promoting various forms of qualified therapy.
  • Publicizing qualified therapy.
  • Cooperating with central and regional institution that train and employ therapists.
  • Publishing the Society’s journal.

Membership in the Society requires postgraduate degree. In order to become a member of the Society you have to have the recommendation of two current members and have submitted a written declaration. Membership in the society is limited to qualified therapists or those who intend to become so. Qualified therapy is based on current norms in therapy. The decision about admitting a new member is made by the Board during a ballot. The majority of votes are required to admit a new member; in case of a tie, the vote of the President decides.

The Society is active in Poland.

Post office box 18; 60-977 Poznań 49; POLAND

Contact person:
Vice-president of Polish Therapeutic Society
Dr Christian Imieliński M.D.,Ph.D.